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jiji993 asked:

I just read one of your posts that said you were overweight by the BMI. I really question the BMI because even fit NFL players are overweight by it. Another measurement some say is better is the waist to height ratio.

Yeah BMI is complete bullshit. I’d need to lose 3-23kgs to be/stay within the “healthy” range and approx 15kgs to be at the ideal weight for my height. And unless I shave my head and become anorexic there’s no way I’ll ever weigh that amount.


Anonymous asked:

Hai! Just messages you on kik is that how I can get ahold of you for inquires about mm or your services :P

Thanks, for any inquiries about microminimus feel free to ask here. As for the services you’ll have to call my work as I’m directed from them. If it’s an urgent service call, it will probably be one of the full time guys attending, as I do a lot of maintenance and new project work.



Anonymous asked:

It's funny how u get mad like with ur mm group that people don't say hi but yet there r posts in there that people start like the newest one that shows ur newest gallery and it tells everyone to stop by and like it but yet u don't even say anything to that person for making the post or half the other posts people start on there talking about u and what not and u don't comment to them ever but then u wanna get mad people don't say hi to u on there...

That person is blocked. He is no longer a member of the group. I don’t need to thank him for announcing my gallery, as he beat me to it. And, as witnessed in my group, even when I post links to new pics, and sneak peeks, no one answers it anyways. Those who follow me on MM would have seen I’d posted a new gallery as it notifies them.

Also, I put a FUCK tonne of time, effort energy and MONEY into that site, and group. Have you ever organised, posed for, shot, looked at, edited, and uploaded a single gallery? Have you been a constant presence in the forums, assisting people & adding your 2c worth? Have you been owner of 2-3 groups and in charge of organising a meet up? So don’t you DARE accuse me of ANYTHING.

It’s funny how you’re too much of a wuss to not write this post anonymously…


Anonymous asked:

Can u post a photo of your nipples when u was pregnant?:) i like so much

*were is the correct term there, not was. And no, I don’t post topless pics.

lucky-33 asked:

You are the sweetest! It's too bad the whole thing just went so fast. That's the way it is with these types of events. It's impossible to spend any decent amount of time with anyone, let alone with everyone! I wish we had gotten the chance to shoot a few pics together. I'm just glad Chris got a few. I guess we need to plan a trip to your hood so we can do a few more! Glad your travels went well. Take care.

Yeah I missed so many people! But it gives us an excuse to come back :P it would be awesome to see you guys down under (no puns intended…maybe a little ;) haha). I’ll email you guys the pics before I post so you can approve or not!

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