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potyelvaquero asked:

I really love the way you love your own body, because you look natural, you don't need nothing else, that's the beauty of a women, I'm glad I found you on Internet, you are a example of a woman, a true natural beauty.

Thank you so much. I figure this is the body I was given, I’m too lazy to make it amazing & love food too, so why not love it?

jiji993 asked:

I just read one of your posts that said you were overweight by the BMI. I really question the BMI because even fit NFL players are overweight by it. Another measurement some say is better is the waist to height ratio.

Yeah BMI is complete bullshit. I’d need to lose 3-23kgs to be/stay within the “healthy” range and approx 15kgs to be at the ideal weight for my height. And unless I shave my head and become anorexic there’s no way I’ll ever weigh that amount.

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